Women’s Institute ask which botanical is best?

by | 9 May 2024 | Gainsborough, Social Group, WI

Have you ever wondered about what’s at the bottom of your garden? There may not be fairies but there could be something with the magic to make you feel better. Medical Herbalist, Hannah Sylvester, attended Lea Women’s Institute to deliver a talk revealing the secrets of flora.

Whether it’s common or garden, it might do you good but before embracing the power of the plant, it is important to note that some varieties can be poisonous. This is why it is essential to seek a consultation with a trained professional like Hannah. Perhaps you have been suffering from a health condition for years without ever really getting to the relief of a remedy. Hannah explained: “I listen deeply to your health story and link in my understanding of medicinal plants and the human body, to create bespoke herbal prescriptions to support you in moving forward and a platform for being truly heard.”

Even if you are in the peak of health, with over a decade of experience in re-connecting people with wild plant life and trees, Hannah also takes people on herb walks to achieve a better understanding of nature. Her knowledge is extensive and her presentation was enlightening.

The Women’s Institute are always keen to champion learning and good health so if you want to explore more, visit Hannah’s website www.thedistrictherbalist.co.uk.

Ladies: you can attend any Women’s Institute organisation by finding your local group at www.thewi.org.uk.