Where there are vaccines, there is hope…

by | 2 March 2021 | Gainsborough, Support Group

So often people say that it feels as though nothing is really changing, however, over the last few weeks the one big thing that is affecting so many people is the roll out of the vaccine programme. Voluntary Centre Services, along with colleagues in Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service, have been called upon to support the involvement of volunteers, particularly at the sites being used by local GP practices. They have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response from the community, and currently have huge numbers of people who have come forward to offer their time to help out. The majority of volunteers are involved in stewarding and marshalling at the sites, keeping the flow of patients moving, chatting to them, and making sure the process runs smoothly. This enables the clinical staff to focus on actually administering the vaccine. Feedback from everyone involved so far, including clinical staff, patients and the volunteers themselves, has been really positive – for many volunteers it allows them to feel as though they are part of something really important, whilst for others it provides a permitted opportunity to get out the house and talk to people face-to-face.
One of their volunteers kindly provided the following feedback: “I recently volunteered at one on the Covid vaccine centres in Lincoln, marshalling / supporting patients. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon volunteering and playing a part in such a magnificent operation. The highlight of my day was talking to the patients and seeing the happy faces and positivity, something we haven’t seen in a while, a feeling of great elation! I enjoyed my day that much that I didn’t hesitate to put my name forward to help out again at the weekend.”
This really sums up the value of volunteering, not only to those we help, but to the individual themselves. It can give a sense of purpose, can increase self-confidence, and have a positive effect on people’s moods.
Voluntary Centre Services know that many people are shielding, trying to manage home-schooling or simply don’t have the time to do any more than they already are, however, if reading this inspires you to think about volunteering yourself, please get in touch by emailing jane@voluntarycentresevices.org.uk or call Jane Kilby on 01427 613470. There are still many other roles you can get involved in, including ones which can be done from home.
As always, the Social Prescribing team are available should you need help or advice, and can be contacted throughout the week. At the current time all Voluntary Centre Services’ support can be accessed via www.voluntarycentreservices.org.uk, call 01427 613470 or email westlindsey@voluntarycentreservices.org.uk.