What would you do with 500 milk cartons?

by | 22 May 2022 | Children's Group, Gainsborough

For the 6th Gainsborough Beaver Scouts the obvious answer was ‘Build an igloo!’ – so they did just that during their first sleepover since Covid interrupted their normal programme.

As part of their ‘Builders badge’ the Beavers decided to try to build an igloo from empty milk cartons. They had to decide how they would build it and then put their plan into action. Everyone had their own ideas on how to stack the bottles and along the way they encountered problems, which they had to solve as they learned how to work together to build their structure. As it took shape the excitement grew and they all looked forward to trying it out; when they did, they were surprised how warm the igloo was inside.

After completing the igloo, the Beavers talked about the different styles of houses around the world and realised that almost anything can be used to provide shelter against the elements. By now everybody was ready for a movie and supper before trying out the new pop-up tents that they will use when they can go camping.
A great sleepover full of energy and fun (and milk cartons)!

Scouting rose to the challenge during lockdown; adopting Zoom to run online meetings and setting challenges like ‘Hike to the Moon’, microwave snacks and cakes in a mug and camping indoors. The group is now able to do most of the things that were available to them pre-Covid and the number of young people wanting to join has reached a point where there is a waiting list.

If you enjoyed your Scouting or Guiding, how about joining as a leader so that the next generation of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts can share that enjoyment? Contact gsl@6thgainsborough.org.uk to find out more about Scouting in the area. Gainsborough District has Scout groups in Market Rasen, Willingham, Haxey and Morton alongside four groups that meet in the town.