Were you there in 1973?

by | 27 November 2022 | Community Event, Gainsborough, Heritage

In 1973 Lea Parish Council began managing Lea Park and a celebration was held. Historical records have been studied to understand how the occasion was marked.

Old photographs and newspaper clippings reveal that there was a float procession, a tractor display, a May Pole and May Queen. The Butler’s Pantry displays a plaque with the insightful inscription: “By the people of Lea. In our children lies our future.”

In 2023, Lea Parish Council will commemorate 50 years of looking after Lea Park with a celebration day. There will be echoes of the original event and lots more. Plans are underway for live music, foods stalls, fun activities and entertainment for all.

Were you at the Lea Festival on 28th May 1973? If so, organisers would love to hear from you. They want to know more about what happened and perhaps invite attendees of the original event to attend its anniversary as a special guest. To get in touch, email martinoid@icloud.com.