The cup that cheers!

by | 7 February 2023 | Gainsborough, Social Group, WI

Did you know that tea is the second most consumed beverage on earth?

The phrase ‘the cup that cheers but not inebriates’ refers to tea, which invigorates a person without causing drunkenness.

The Lea Women’s Institute felt suitably energised after their crafting session which gift-wrapped tea and biscuits into pretty little parcels. Deep in concentration, the ladies snipped, stuck and sealed simple cardboard and ribbon to make charming presents for friends and family.

Someone who would be very deserving of a cuppa and putting her feet up would be Dot. In the run-up to Christmas, the ladies enjoyed a delicious three-course Christmas Lunch at The Hickman Hill Hotel. The Lea Woman’s Institute would like to extend their sincerest thanks to all the staff and particularly to Dot, who catered for their every need with utmost courtesy, care and friendly professionalism.

Upcoming events and donations please

If you fancy an evening of entertainment, on 2nd February Leonard Priestley will be recounting anecdotes from his days of driving a lorry and school bus. There will be funny stories and moving moments as he recalls the memorable events which took him from A to B across the country.

After the laughter, the serious subject of Modern Slavery will be featured on 2nd March. The guest speaker will throw a spotlight on the sinister and murky world of human trafficking. It’s something we all need to understand – and you can help.

The Women’s Institute is asking for your donations. Many of the young women and girls who are rescued are found wearing little more than flimsy threads. They need decent clothing to keep them warm and to restore their faith in their fellow man. If you can donate anything that might help, please bring it along to any of the meetings.

The Women’s Institute also collects the following items for recycling and other good causes: empty tablet blister packs, used postage stamps, empty foil crisp packets and hand / bath towels.

Ladies! It all happens at Lea Village Hall, DN21 5JA where you will be welcomed with open arms. Contact Jackie Summers on 01427 615382 or