Stepping Stone Theatre

by | 13 November 2022 | Community Event, Gainsborough, Health, Local Charity

Celebrations for World Mental Health Day took place at The Venue at Roses Sports Ground in October.

Led by Stepping Stone Theatre, all the Gainsborough mental health agencies and members of the public came together to mark the occasion. Stepping Stone Theatre for Mental Health entertained the crowd by reading excerpts from their new booklet, ‘The Lock Down Legacy’. The booklets are an ongoing project collecting and sharing stories and photographs of how people’s mental health has been affected by the pandemic. The latest booklet is the fourth in a series of six.

Stepping Stone Theatre’s artistic director, Bill Rodgers, said: “The Lock Down Legacy has provided an opportunity for people living in Gainsborough and the surrounding villages to disclose their real life stories.

“Sharing your experiences is one of the most important steps to good mental health. The hope is that by sharing our stories we may one day become part of the survival package of our readers.”

The final part of the celebration was the launch of the book ‘Pull Your Socks Up!’. This is a new project, written by the artistic directors of Stepping Stone Theatre; Kate Hull Rodgers and Bill Rodgers. It is a self-help memoir but also a love story. The book outlines the 36 year battle of Kate’s mental illness. She has struggled with psychosis, anxiety and depression. She is bipolar. The story tells of how she and Bill have worked to keep Kate’s mental health on track.

Members of the audience were able to buy signed copies at the event. ‘Pull Your Socks Up!’ is also available to buy online at retail outlets including Amazon. It has proven to be very popular and has already achieved several five star ratings.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by poor mental health you may find that creativity is a great way to enhance your wellbeing. If you want more information please get in touch with Stepping Stone Theatre on