Stepping Stone Theatre for Mental Health

by | 6 September 2021 | Gainsborough, Group meeting, Performing Arts, Support Group

Stepping Stone Theatre for Mental Health is a multi award winning company based locally. They provide online and face-to-face events.
Stepping Stone Strollers is a walking group that meets each Sunday at 10.00am at Roses Sports Ground. There is a Stepping Stone Buddy Bench on route. The walk is followed by cake and coffee.
Singing for Sanity is just singing for fun, no experience necessary, no pressure. The group meets at Roses Friday from 1.00 to 3.00pm. Go along for a sing along.
Online, you might want to get involved with ‘Don’t Get It Right, Get it Written’. These are 90 minute sessions of creative writing. There is testimonial writing and also fictional writing. Classes are drop in, so you don’t have to make a big commitment.
Livetalk is an hour long broadcast hosted by Bill Rodgers and Kate Hull Rodgers. Participants can contribute written comments through a live feed. They can also phone in. Just follow Stepping Stone Theatre on Facebook to enjoy the shows on Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday at 3.00pm. The shows are also available to be listened to later on YouTube.
‘Both Sides of the Medication Cart’ is a podcast tracing the history of Kate’s mental illness. Bill interviews Kate as she tells the testimonial story of her challenges and triumphs. Available on Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Anchor, Spotify, and other Podcast platforms.
The ‘Lock Down Legacy’ podcast is hosted by Bill. He interviews everyday people telling every day stories. It outlines what people have gone through during lockdown and beyond. Especially the stories of how the pandemic has affected their mental health.
Finally, Kate hosts ‘WOW’ – Women One o’clock Wednesday. This an online support group for women. This is more than a virtual coffee group, this is an ensemble of friendship.
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Thanks to Inner Wheel
The Inner Wheel has presented Stepping Stone Theatre for Mental Health with a cheque for £1,580. This was all collected through fundraising.
The Inner Wheel is an organisation with the purpose of creating friendship, service and understanding. The service is to help in the community any way they can. Pat Alston, District Chair for Lincolnshire and surrounding areas, said: “I chose Stepping Stone as our charity this year because I didn’t think enough mental health charities got recognition. Stepping Stone is a very practical group and they help people get their confidence back. It was a perfect fit for our fundraising efforts.”
Bill Rodgers, of Stepping Stone Theatre, added: “It is organisations like the Inner Wheel that keep us going. We are so grateful to the Inner Wheel and as we open up after the lockdowns we are now able to do more valuable work in our local communities.”
For more information regarding the Inner Wheel, please contact Pat on 07760 417995.