Snappers Camera Club

by | 18 September 2023 | Gainsborough, Hobbies

August started with a bang for Snappers Camera Club members, with two meetings in three days. On 2nd members visited the Secret Garden of Louth.

This garden, created from absolutely nothing, was so utterly unexpected and captivating that every aspect of it begged to be photographed. It is a piece of the tropics in Lincolnshire. Many of the plants have to live in the house over the winter, which requires the kind of dedication most people cannot muster for their hobby. For the Club’s visit everything was bejewelled by raindrops, which presented an even more attractive scene than they could have hoped for.

Only two days later members gathered again at Beckingham for the regular monthly meeting – one of the regular tabletop practical sessions had been arranged. On these occasions members bring along something of their own choosing for everyone to photograph.

There was a good variety of things to try, including various plants, still life set ups and Paul Lancaster’s fascinating smoke trail set up. Several new members attended and were offered advice by more established members. This is one of the strengths of Snappers, and where ‘self-help’ comes into its own.

Everyone’s best shots from both occasions will form the subject matter for the September meeting, when members will show their favourite work and discuss how they achieved it.

The Club meet at 1.30pm on the first Friday afternoon of each month. Visitors are welcome at any time. You can find out more on Please check the website to make sure they are not on a trip before you go along.