Snappers camera club competition returns

by | 1 March 2023 | Gainsborough, Hobbies

Snappers camera club has settled in at Beckingham Village Hall and activities are now being planned with confidence. The AGM confirmed the venue and members have been considering the future of their website, which has been recently given a new look.

Each month they tackle a new challenge but, because the first three months of the year have been dedicated to specific activities, two challenge topics currently appear on the website. Another will be added, and these will be critiqued by members in April.

In February the annual competition for the Alan Townsend Memorial Trophy took place for the first time since the pandemic. Once again John Whaler came from Lincoln to judge. The winner after John’s deliberations was Gerry Kemp, with Barry Inman second and Paul Lancaster third. Special praise was offered to Kevin Ward, a new member who had been brave enough to test his work against the long-standing members and which impressed judge John. After the judging John presented the trophy to Gerry to keep for the coming year.

Snappers is always happy to welcome new members. Meetings are held monthly on the first Friday of the month from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. There are no restrictions. If you can get to Beckingham and are willing to take a print for critique each month, the group will be very pleased to see you. Members critique each other, trying to point out the strengths and weaknesses so that everyone learns from each other.

They aim to have a still life practical session every three months or so or an activity to meet up for an afternoon of photography. There is a very special meeting on 3rd March when John Gardner will talk about the latest developments in the Lightroom software most members use.

For more information, visit Visitors or potential members are welcome at any time, but please check the website to make sure the group is not on a trip before you go along.