Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club

by | 8 February 2024 | Gainsborough, Performing Arts

What do actors do when they’re not on stage?

This sounds like the start of a joke, but the punchline is more than a one-word answer. Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club (SLTC) is a performing arts organisation run by enthusiastic and talented non-professionals. They ‘do’ theatre for the shear love of it.

Actors are the public face of a theatre company, but there is so much more to theatre than acting. SLTC is a community-based charity, and with that comes a lot of off-stage activities.

A theatre season runs from autumn through to the following summer. SLTC’s 2023 / 24 season began with the launch of their redesigned and redeveloped website: They hope to establish this as the main hub of their online presence, to complement their social media pages.

SLTC stages three major productions a year, including its annual pantomime. They are usually performed at The Plowright Theatre in Scunthorpe. At the new website you can find out what’s on this season and explore previous productions. Although not yet available, the next stage of the website development will be a ticket booking system.

When actors, and other members, are not on-stage or backstage, they may be rehearsing for the upcoming production. The website includes snapshots into the rehearsal process, including images and videos. Take a glimpse of how the magic onstage is created!

SLTC offers a whole range of off-stage events and opportunities enjoyed by members. From theatre visits to quiz nights, from meals out to theatre skills workshops, SLTC has loads going on. They are always open to new members.

Theatre isn’t just about actors; anyone can be involved. Visit to find out more.