Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club

by | 6 January 2024 | Gainsborough, Performing Arts

Have you ever looked at a theatre poster and wondered who designed it? Probably not, but someone did!

Romy Morgan has been a member of Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club since the age of 16, starting as a member of the youth wing, Rising Stars, before that. Since 2018 she has designed most of the club’s posters and promotional images, as well as many of their paper-based props.

The first poster Romy designed was for the club’s 2018 production of ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’, and since then she has designed for ‘Dick Whittington’, ‘A Regency Romance’, ‘Dirty Dusting’, ‘Blackadder the Third’, and for the club’s upcoming pantomime ‘Cinderella’ – in which she is also playing Prince Charming.

Over the years Romy has also designed many props for various productions. Most of these are not noticed or even seen by the audience, but having authentic looking props can really help to enhance a show for not only the audience, but also the actors.

Romy discovered her love of creating props when her character needed a newspaper in Dick Whittington, and she designed one featuring news articles from the show. She then designed several other items for the same production and has designed for almost all pantomimes since then.

Her biggest prop designing project was for Terry Pratchett’s The Fifth Elephant, for which she designed many items including a folder full of official documents for the main character, an ‘Uberwald for Dummies’ book, and a packet of pet dragon treats.

Next time you notice a poster or pick up a flyer, take a proper look at the design. What made you notice it? It’s the designer’s job to make it stand out and appeal to you; have they done a good job? And of course, if you see a sparkly blue Cinderella poster, consider buying a ticket. Prince Charming would love to see you there!

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