Scouting in the Gainsborough District

by | 3 January 2018 | Children's Group, Gainsborough

August brought the Scouting year to a climax with a jamboree; Lincolnshire Poacher 2017. Five thousand Scouts and Guides from Lincolnshire, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, New Zealand, India, Canada, Minsk and British Scouts Overseas came together to share a week of activities and adventure ranging from gliding, caving, kayaking, sailing, backwoods survival to music, crafts, games and international cookery.

All the Scout groups from Gainsborough were at Poacher and the Beavers and Cubs joined them on Wednesday to get a taste of what it was like to attend a big event like this.

Sea Scout leaders in the district provided instructors at the water village where kayaking, sailing and raft building were carried out and this topped off a busy programme of water activities enjoyed by the group. In addition to this, the Scouts have recently tried out scuba diving and enjoyed weekend camps at the Jim Page camp site.

Gilwell Park, the headquarters and training centre for Scouting near London, hosted Scarefest over the last weekend in October and 6th Gainsborough Scouts decided to give this a try for the first time. As scare seekers awaited the hours of darkness there was plenty to keep them entertained with inflatable fun on the giant slide, the sweeper and cave system.
Cubs and Beavers have also been busy in the district with sleepovers, activity days and visits. Parents turned out in force to cheer youngsters on in the recent Cub Scout Swimming Gala, which was won by 18th Gainsborough, with 1st Gainsborough second, and 6th Gainsborough third.

Scouting is a world-wide organisation for girls and boys. There are seven Scout groups in the Gainsborough District.
While it is usual for children to join a group based close to where they live, we know that they have many outside activities and interests, and sometimes these will clash with the times that the various scout groups meet. Because of this, there is no problem if a girl or boy wants to join a group that meets on a more convenient evening. Similarly, a child can join the Beavers or Cubs in one group, and then move up to Cubs or Scouts in another group, if the meeting time there is more convenient for them:

  • Beaver Scouts Ages six to eight (5¾ to 8½)
  • Cub Scouts Ages eight to 10½ (7½ to 11)
  • Scouts Ages 10½ to 14 (10 to 14½)
  • Explorer Scouts Ages 14 to 18 (13½ to 18)
  • The Scout Network Ages 18 to 25 (17½ to 25)

Gainsborough District Explorer Scouts
Explorer age children from all the groups come together to form a single District Explorer Group. They meet on Wednesday evenings, fortnightly.

1st Gainsborough (Morton) Scout Group
Morton Village Hall, 26 Crooked Billet St, Morton, Gainsborough

  • Beaver Scouts Wednesday evenings
  • Cub Scouts Friday Evenings
  • Scout age children join one of the other groups.

3rd Gainsborough (Whites Wood) Scout Group
Scout Hut, After 69, Whites Wood Lane, Gainsborough

  • Beaver Scouts Monday evenings
  • Cub Scouts Thursday evenings
  • Scouts Friday evenings

6th Gainsborough Sea Scout Group
Sea Scout Headquarters, Love Lane, Gainsborough

  • Beaver Scouts Monday evenings
  • Cub Scouts Tuesday evenings
  • Sea Scouts Monday evenings

14th Gainsborough Scout Group
Scout Hut, Sandsfield Lane, Gainsborough

  • Beaver Scouts Monday evenings
  • Cub Scouts Tuesday evenings
  • Scouts Friday evenings

18th Gainsborough (St. Nicholas, Haxey) Scout Group
Scout Headquarters, Behind the Church, Church Street, Haxey.

  • Beaver Scouts Tuesday evenings
  • Cub Scouts Wednesday evenings
  • Scouts Friday evenings

2nd Market Rasen Scout Group
Scout Hut, Kilnwell Road, Market Rasen

  • Beaver Scouts Thursday evenings
  • Cub Scouts Thursday evenings
  • Scouts Wednesday evenings

1st Willingham Scout Group
Memorial Church Hall, High Street, Willingham-by-Stow

  • Beaver Scouts Monday evenings
  • Cub Scouts Tuesday evenings
  • Scouts Tuesday evenings

Want to join?
All groups welcome adult helpers — come and have fun, relive your childhood, and help the young people.