Scotterthorpe resident publishes first book

by | 10 June 2023 | Gainsborough, Notice

A local resident of Scotterthorpe has published their first book.

Currently a full-time student at Nottingham Trent University, JL Sugden spends his days studying, socialising and, most recently, writing. He has a love of mythology and an ambition to create his own.
Plagued is the first book in Sugden’s new Draden universe.

Gods, ghosts, and mythical creatures are all real in Plagued. In a dystopian reality where the majority of human life on Earth is wiped out by a deadly plague, Alex is desperate to understand why he remains unaffected. While everyone around him falls victim to the illness, he remains immune.

His quest for answers leads him to Atia, an extraordinary girl who introduces him to the realm of the Gods. Initially, his problems seem to dissolve in this new environment. However, he soon discovers that this realm has its own set of catastrophic issues. How is the plague connected to the gods? How will Alex protect his loved ones from the sinister characters he encounters? And what hidden truths did his father withhold?

Plagued offers a fresh perspective on mythology, pushing the boundaries of genre with inventive storytelling.