Rotarians visit The Old Nick

by | 9 August 2018 | Gainsborough, Rotary

The Rotary club recently had one of its regular ‘away-days’. This was a visit to The Old Nick Police Museum and Theatre. Twenty-one people turned up for the visit and were royally entertained by the staff of the Museum. A special mention has to go to Eleanor and to Christine for all the hard work they put in preparing for our visit. A welcoming bar followed by a buffet meal went down very well with us visitors before we embarked on our tour of the establishment. We were divided into three groups and with our knowledgeable guides we took the tour.

The museum is a place well worth visiting and the history of Lincolnshire Police, as well as the history of the listed building is something not to be missed. The theatre is also interesting as it puts on the performance in the round thus making the audience a part the acting experience rather than having them just sitting there and applauding. Watch out for their next performance and become part of the experience. There are rumours that the building is haunted, but this writer did not experience any “contacts”, or pick up on anything, despite being someone who is supposed to be receptive to such things. I will keep an open mind on this matter.

The photographs show some of the members enjoying their buffet and then participating in the tour.

A visit to the museum is something not to be missed, it comes highly recommended by the members of the Rotary Club of Gainsborough.

A big thank you goes out the Eleanor and Christine and the rest of their team for making us welcome and for ‘putting on a show’.