Riverside Indoor Bowls

by | 18 August 2021 | Community facility, Gainsborough, Hobbies

Are we really getting back to normal? For many people, yes we are. Schools are back, with children getting the education they deserve. Employees are getting back to their workplace or alternatively, with mutual agreement, are working from home and getting paid again. Those who want perfect bodies are back at the gyms. Those who love sport can go and watch or play and theatre goers can once again be entertained. Nightclubs, too, will cater for the generation of party goers. All of these people said they suffered during lockdown – their mental health and wellbeing suffered. They were stressed at the change of lifestyle.
However, the older generation, who suffered the most during the prolonged lockdown, spent many lonely hours in the confine of their own homes. Many alone, some recently bereaved others caring for a loved one with health problems. But can they get back to “normal”? This is their “normal” in many cases, which is why we at Riverside Indoor Bowls will continue fighting for an indoor bowls hall for these very same people. The major sporting activity for the older generation is bowls, particularly indoor. It provides both exercise and social contact especially for those who live alone. Indoor bowls can give them communication, congratulation and commiseration.
Find out more about us at www.ribs.org.uk.

Iris Mallen