Riverside Indoor Bowls

by | 9 March 2023 | Gainsborough, Hobbies, Local Charity

Did you think bowls was just for oldies? Take a look at the winners of Potters Indoor Bowls Championship: 27-year-old Katherine Rednall and 31-year-old Jamie Walker won the singles titles.

It was Jamie’s first final at Potters, but Katherine is an old timer having won the Championship five times.

Riverside Indoor Bowls is working to bring indoor bowls back to Gainsborough and nearby villages for young and old alike.

Russell, one of Gainsborough’s Social Prescribers, had a taster session at Scunthorpe Bowls on 15th January and enjoyed the games, saying it was such a shame we didn’t have a facility nearer.

The club is hoping Russell and his colleagues will Socially Prescribe outdoor bowls, which will be starting again in April / May.

If you fancy having a taster session at any of the outdoor venues, please contact Gainsborough Bowls Standard League (GBSL) on 01427 615820.

New players are always welcomed with open arms.