Riverside Indoor Bowls

by | 6 September 2021 | Gainsborough, Hobbies, Local Charity

Riverside Indoor Bowls recently held a tabletop sale at Chic and Shabby on a Saturday morning. Thank you to Denise, Marlene, Keith and Steve. Also, a special thank you to Mrs Pat Weston, who always turns out and has given the charity a tremendous amount of support over the last few years. Thank you to the public who attended. Your support is appreciated.
They will be holding several events this year to raise funds for a new build indoor bowls hall. They have a lot of support but unfortunately COVID is delaying everything. They ask their members to be patient and continue to support them because their help is extremely important if they want to play indoor bowls locally in the future.
Indoor bowls was so important to their members mentally and physically, they have also lost the social side of their sport. With many aged 70 to 90 years, it is heart breaking to see their decline. There is very little for the older generation to do in the district. It is so important to help the group keep them fit.
Indoor bowls is a thriving sport and there are many younger ones in the game these days. You only have to look at other indoor bowls clubs, and the championships. Riverside Indoor Bowls’ aim is to develop the game for the younger generation as well as please their present members.
Thank you also those who have taken part in their quiz competition. Any members of the public who would like to join them or have questions about RIBs, please contact Linda Grocock on 01427 614682.