Retford and District Photographic Society

by | 13 August 2023 | Gainsborough, Hobbies

Members of Retford and District Photographic Society (RDPS) are looking forward to their new season of meetings, which begin on Monday 4th September.

August offers a chance to go out and capture some new shots ready for the competitions in the coming year. Those going away on holidays will doubtless be packing cameras to try to capture something different. Modern phone cameras are so good these days that the club is now seeing images taken that way even in competitions. The better smartphones offer excellent editing facilities, so it is possible for almost anyone to improve their basic shots this way if they want to.

The membership renewal for the season until the end of April falls due from the first meeting, so members are asked to come prepared. Potential members and guests will be most welcome to come and consider joining the club. The first meeting is a good time to come along if you can because the agenda is less packed, and Programme Secretary Jane introduces the group to some of the items and speakers on the new programme.

Guests are welcome to attend three times before committing to membership. The Society would be delighted to see prospective members of any age or experience.

There is not a strict catchment area, so if you can get to meetings you are eligible and can come to join existing members whose home locations range from Sheffield to Sutton on Trent.

Some members attend meetings of Snappers at Beckingham and have continued through the summer, taking part in their challenges, and producing some interesting photos.

The new programme for 23-24 will appear, at least in part, on the website soon. You can find RDPS in St Joseph’s Hall, Babworth Road, Retford at 7.30pm from Monday 4th September until the end of April 2024.

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Image: Joyce Bell