A recent newspaper headline read ‘From tea bags to sausages, how we pay more for less’ followed by a new buzz word: shrinkflation. This is the practise of downsizing products without an equivalent price drop.

Not the case at Lindsey u3a! Their product is the opportunity to learn, laugh and live in the relaxed atmosphere of our meetings and interest groups, all with no increase in their annual membership fee of £17.00. Bargain!

You are invited with no obligation to one of their meetings on the first Thursday of every month. Doors open at 9.45am for tea and coffee, followed by a speaker. If you decide to go along for a look, tell someone on reception you are new and a friendly greeter will show you round and answer any questions.

The 7th March will be slightly different as the group will be holding a short AGM at 10.15am, followed by speaker Diane Grimshaw with her talk ‘Being Joyce Grenfell’.

On 4th April at 10.30am Paul Stafford will be telling of ‘Real Life in North Korea’ which should give some interesting insight into a very mysterious part of the world.

Lindsey u3a offers a wide range of interest groups run by members for members. Visit www.lindseyu3a.org.uk to see if anything appeals to you. Members can also join various online talks, workshops and courses. You can find out more from www.u3a.org.uk.

If you can’t attend a general meeting you could join the group at the ‘Gardeners’ Retreat’ tearoom at Scothern Nurseries for a cuppa and a chat at 10.15am on the fourth Thursday of the month. The next coffee morning will take place on 22nd March.

Whether you’re a newcomer wanting to know more about Lindsey u3a or if you’re already a member and just fancy a cuppa, maybe a scone and a chat, do come along. Everyone is welcome.

Should you require any further information about Lindsey u3a contact Mandy Murphy on 01673 565295 or mandy.murphy1396@gmail.com.