Lea WI members make hearts to support #ShowTheLove

by | 13 April 2021 | Gainsborough, Social Group, WI

There was no meeting again in February, so Lea WI members were asked to make and display a green heart in support of the joint National Federation of Women’s Institutes and the Climate Coalition Organisation’s #ShowTheLove campaign. The main message being the time is now to protect what we love from the climate crisis. There were several window displays around Lea village and in Gainsborough when members put their hearts, varying from one to three or four, on display from 7th February until 21st February.
The committee continue to review the Government’s COVID-19 restrictions and the strict social distancing rules in place at Lea Village Hall when considering whether it can again safely hold meetings for their members, many of whom are in the more vulnerable age groups. Instead, the committee keep in touch by telephone and a regular newsletter email update from Jackie. Members are also welcome to telephone any committee member if they need anything or just to chat. There are also regular updates and news on the Lea WI Facebook page.
New members are always welcome. If you are thinking of becoming a member please contact Jackie Summers on 01427 615382 for more information regarding the present virtual benefits of joining the WI at this difficult time or to receive a notification as to when the group’s physical meetings and craft activities will be commencing again.