Lea WI

by | 1 July 2023 | Community Event, Gainsborough, Social Group, WI

The Lea Women’s Institute is reaching out to shoppers with a feel-good fashion show and ladies’ clothes sale to add the wow factor to your wardrobe.

There’s nothing like touching the cloth, feeling the fabric and seeing the swish of your next new best dress. Watch in wonder as the High Street parades Lea Village Hall in separates for all seasons.

Ranging in sizes from 6 to 24 and ages 16 to 60+ there is something for everyone. Whether you want smart, casual or smart casual, you’ll be sure to find just the right fit.

All proceeds are donated towards The Bearded Fisherman – so not only will you be getting some flash threads, you will also be doing a good deed! As a registered charity, The Bearded Fisherman of Gainsborough helps people, families, and communities break the cycle of mental health and suicidal thoughts. They act by being there and supporting everyone of all ages to achieve their best outcome.

The show is on Thursday 6th July at 7.30pm, Lea Village Hall, DN21 5JA. Tickets are a snip at just £5.00, which includes a drink and a biscuit. You can purchase your ticket from Jackie Summers on 01427 615382 or the.summers@btinternet.com.

Come on ladies: put your best foot forward and get some glam glad rags!