Kirton in Lindsey Scarecrows 2020

by | 7 September 2020 | Community Event, Gainsborough

In the summer of 2019, many scarecrows appeared across Kirton in Lindsey as the first Scarecrow Competition in the town took place. The event, across the month of July, proved to be a huge success and so was planned again for 2020. By March 2020 steps were in place, a theme planned and information was due to start to go out in May. However, as we all know, things changed significantly with the coronavirus health crisis. Instead of promoting the coming competition, the plans were looked at and changed in order to make the event viable and safe. The theme was changed to ‘keyworkers’ to reflect something more suitable and fitting for this year.
It was decided not to judge the scarecrows as a formal competition this year because of the difficulty in enabling everyone to be able to vote with the restrictions in place and the uncertainty in the changing restrictions over time. A town-wide scarecrow display celebrating everyone who is helping through this situation was a great way for some fun and community spirit which is needed. There was no voting and there were no prizes this year, however if the support is there next year the competition could return.
Local craft and design expert Pobblyboo again spent time designing and finalising the location plan, an important part of the event and greatly appreciated. A total of 27 keyworker themed scarecrows appeared across the town over 11th and 12th July. A huge thank you to everyone involved in creating the scarecrows and making the event possible. A phrase was to be found, by collecting letters displayed with the scarecrows and solving the anagram.