Go green in Gainsborough

by | 13 June 2018 | Community Focus, Gainsborough

Go Green has arrived in Gainsborough! No, we’re not tree hugging hippies; we’re simply two mums that want to create a better future not only for our children, but for everyone’s children and the next generations to come. I’m sure most of you will have seen in the media about the plastic ocean or penguins living on an island of plastic and seeing sea and land animals trapped in plastic waste. We want to help change that and also create a better environment for the place we live in. We want to create opportunities for child, teen and adult ambassadors for people passionate about the area they live in and wanting to live a more eco-friendly life, for more information visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/gogreengainsborough.

So why is plastic bad? You can put your plastic in the bin, recycling or general waste, or you can chuck it on the ground and no one will tell you where it might end up. Yes, there’s a chance it can be crushed and made into another object, or it can end up in a landfill, or it could end up in a whale’s stomach and ultimately end an innocent animal’s life. Plastic can degrade like other materials, it can become a harmful deadly object without you even realising; the plastic bottle of water you buy and ‘recycle’ could still end up in the ocean.

There’s far wiser choices to be made that can make a huge difference, but a good quality reusable glass or metal reusable water bottles, or if you’re the type to grab take-away hot drinks then a reusable take-away cup, most places in Gainsborough and beyond offer discounts if you bring you own, this will also save you money in the long run.

When drinking and dining out, ditch the straws, are they really needed? Most chains have stopped serving drinks with straws in a bid to help the environment, it should be a message spread far and wide. If you switch to bamboo toothbrushes one is the equivalent to four ordinary plastic brushes you will use, another little help. And our final little help; ditch the plastic packaging! It’s unnecessary, just wash your fruit and veg before using it and reuse the containers that your grapes and strawberries and what not came in, if you visit Gainsborough market every Tuesday and Saturday you will be shopping plastic waste free, they will even accept your old containers back. If you take a reusable bag with you decline their plastic bags. Not only with the final little help be helping towards a plastic free world but will also be boosting the economy in your local town.

You can find plenty more tips to Go Green on our Facebook page, and keep an eye out for our ambassador opportunities!

Ali and Jess
Go Green