Gainsborough X-Church

by | 18 September 2018 | Gainsborough, Social Group

X-Church is situated on Ashcroft Road in Gainsborough and offers a plethora of community activities and events. No longer a church, now an ‘ex-church’, this is a terrific space where the whole community can be together. X-Church Kitchen is a fabulous café situated at the side of the main building and offers affordable home cooked food daily. There is always a friendly welcoming atmosphere whether you are popping by for a coffee with friends, or are wanting a hearty home cooked breakfast, before the day ahead. Every Saturday the cafe offers a free lunch. This not only helps those in the area that are in need, but it also brings the local residents together where they can feel welcome and enjoy a tasty two-course meal in good company.

The Happy Saturday Free Lunch is run by our Community Leader Angela McMahon together with several volunteers. One of which is our very own Emma Brackenbury. Emma joined the X-Church Kitchen volunteers in June 2017 and has now become one of our key members of the team. Emma had very little confidence or self-belief when she first walked through the door, she found it difficult to be around a lot of people and had very few people in her life she trusted and felt at ease with. These days, however it’s a very different story. After a few months, Emma’s confidence began to grow, she learnt many new skills and formed solid friendships with the other volunteers and customers. Emma now helps out in the kitchen several days a week and with the help of Steff our resident chef, she now plays a major role in the café and is fast becoming quite renown for her home made puds, on a Saturday Free Lunch. Emma is now X-Church Kitchen’s very own ‘Mary Berry’. Customers and friends of the project alike have often commented on the difference in Emma and the progress she has made. She is always smiling, always helpful and a sheer joy to be around. The increase in confidence and self-worth are phenomenal in comparison to a year ago, she has lots of true friends and people she can now rely on. The dark place Emma was in is now a distant memory and X-Church are so proud to have been a part of that journey.

New volunteers are always welcome, if you have a spare few hours a week and want to help make a difference to the community, then X-Church would love to hear from you.

X-Church thrives on love and friendship, pop along, get involved, we look forward to welcoming you.