Gainsborough U3A

by | 16 May 2018 | Education and Learning, Gainsborough, U3A

A group of 18, rather apprehensive, Gainsborough and District U3A members made their way to The Arialtrail in Scunthorpe, basically to test themselves and to have some fun. Their ages ranged from early 60s to 87. They are part of a group called the ‘Buccaneers’, whose aim is to try to do things which are new to members, be it opera or an Escape Room experience.

Members choose things which are much better to try out with friends — the 4×4 driving was hilarious. This time it was trying out similar elements to those short play area courses which the group had encouraged their grandchildren to go on by holding their hands… only this time they were going to be several metres up in the trees where no-one could hold their hands!

Spirits were high as the Buccaneers assembled in the rather gloomy, windy weather. First on the course was Angela who had tried this type of thing before. She made it look really easy and was down the last zip wire and off onto the high course before several of the others had reached the first platform!

Members soon found that it was harder than she made it look. Although they were all hooked on safely they still had to stretch over gaps to reach the different sections and for those who find anything to do with heights worrying, it was a challenge. Similarly, those of the group with dodgy knees and hips looked less than elegant as they hauled ourselves onto some of the equipment. There was lots of encouragement from all of the members and from the owners and helpers at the Arialtrail, who were fantastic with the group.

After the last zip wire some of the party retreated to the café whilst others were off on the higher course or to do the first one again. It was a great experience and the group extends grateful thanks to Andy, Denise for their efficiency when helping to organise it. Both of them and Lou showed great patience and kindness towards the group, which made them achieve more than they thought they might be able to.