Gainsborough Heritage Centre

by | 14 August 2021 | Community facility, Gainsborough, Heritage

The Gainsborough Heritage Centre is once again welcoming visitors though the door and how nice it is to see familiar faces and new faces. Hopefully they’ll be able to extend their opening hours again soon too.
Their stall on the Gainsborough history weekend brought forth potential volunteers, which they are badly in need of to help keep the wheels of the centre turning. Their current dedicated volunteers are a hard working friendly team so if you would like to become involved and offer your services please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
The Mayflower II exhibition is staying throughout the summer, so please don’t miss this wonderful event. The centre is privileged to be the first in the country to chosen to display this brilliant story. Randall Charlton, the son of the man responsible for building this great ship, Warwick Charlton, had his brilliant book The Wicked Pilgrims published and this is on sale in the centre’s shop. It is a great read which takes you though the trials and tribulations of the Mayflower II story, from the planning, the building of the ship and how it eventually reached its destination in the USA leaving his father almost penniless.
A new edition to the shelves at Gainsborough Heritage Centre is a Rose tablecloth expertly created by one of their talented volunteers, Don Meale. The tablecloth is a priceless exhibit which is displayed in the ground floor exhibition room. The framed cloth was featured on the BBC Antiques Roadshow.
They have a wonderful collection of books written by local authors; books about local schools, Marshalls, Roses, the history of the two World Wars written by the late Peter Bradshaw (a well loved teacher at Middlefield Lane school and a dedicated volunteer). They also stock DVDs showing historical footage which will give you a nostalgic trip in time. Maybe you’re looking for a special gift?
They are charity based and rely heavily on donations and membership subscriptions, so if you are passionate about keep the heritage of our lovely town alive please consider becoming a member. It offers great value for money, with unlimited visits and discounts on shop purchases and the cosy Exchange café (opening again soon). Keep your eye on their Facebook page and the Gainsborough Heritage Association website page for up-to-date information.