Gainsborough Group of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

by | 4 January 2023 | Gainsborough, Wildlife

At the November meeting of the Gainsborough Area Group of Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, Dr Carl Soulsbury gave a fascinating account of his researches into the survival strategies of the Black Grouse.

He outlined what is being learned about the activities of male birds at their Leks. Based in Finland where there is still a sizeable population, he observed and monitored them over the four seasons, including winter when survival depends on sufficient soft rather than icy snow. The birds dig out holes to shelter in during the cold weather.

His research is focused on trying to understand the evolutionary strategy behind the Lek, where breeding by only a few dominant males results from the ritual and fierce ‘dancing’ displays.

On Wednesday 18th January, the group will hold an afternoon meeting starting at 2.00pm, when members’ slides will be shown. This will be at the Methodist Church by the Roseway carpark in Gainsborough Town Centre. Entrance is £2.50.

If you wish to bring any wildlife photos of your own, please contact

The next evening meeting will be on Wednesday 15th February when local ornithologist Graham Catley will talk about ‘Marsh Harriers’.