Gainsborough and District u3a

by | 1 March 2023 | Education and Learning, Gainsborough, Hobbies, Social Group, U3A

The first Thursday meeting in January attracted about 60 members and a pleasing number of newcomers. A lovely start to the new year for Gainsborough and District u3a.

The website is also up and running again after problems with the national u3a server took down all the u3a sites. Most photos have been lost, but the group is working hard to restore functionality.

Do look at their site especially if you are thinking of joining – simply google u3a Gainsborough – to find out what groups operate.

Some u3a members don’t go to the monthly meetings, but just attend interest groups. If you would like to join one of these – walking, bridge, Kurling or art for example – you can do just that.

The speaker in January took members worldwide as he explained the life of the common baked bean. Some of his tales were fascinating and very amusing. The most popular was his description of his talk to hard-line Canadian farmers, where he was not allowed to make jokes for fear of offending their religious sensibilities. Quite a task!

Thursday 9th March will be the group’s AGM, with all members encouraged to attend.

The u3a is looking for volunteers to join the committee and they are searching hard for a potential treasurer. These roles do have to change, in line with the group’s Constitution, and also as they move into the online banking process as banks in Gainsborough disappear.

New committee members also bring new ideas to help breathe life into the organisation.

Finally, to end on some good news: the very popular midweek lunch group is finally restarting. Members hope to see you there!