Gainsborough and District u3a

by | 2 May 2024 | Education and Learning, Gainsborough, Hobbies, Social Group, U3A

Gainsborough and District u3a’s speaker at their 9th May meeting will be Chris Hewis, with his talk ‘A Pictorial Road Trip from Lincoln to Gainsborough’. In June the Thursday meeting will be a social get-together with quizzes.

Their AGM at the beginning of March was attended by over 50 members and the group was delighted to add three new volunteers to the committee. The major topic of the meeting was publicity and how to attract new members. There are now more than 120, but pre-Covid this was nearer 180.

The u3a nationally is advertising through Boom Radio, so if you listen to that you will hear about what the u3a does. Locally the group pushes the enjoyment and fun available in all group activities and the opportunity to meet new friends.

There is such a variety of experiences: from totally sedentary activities to the energetic, and some in between which require very gentle exercise. Groups meet in a variety of venues – some in village halls, some in individual’s houses and some out and about. The Buccaneers group gets up to all sorts of things!

Membership is limited only by age – over 55 – and that you are not in full time employment. The group provides the opportunity for anyone to take up a new interest or to renew a hobby they had given up.
After a suggestion at the AGM, they have started up a Snooker group and it is now meeting on a Friday afternoon at the United Services Club. The local Croquet Club has also been in touch, so that may be an option if there is interest. They meet on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons at the Roses Club.

The 12th Kurling competition was held on Sunday 23rd March and 18 players took part. The winners were Brian Caswell and Doreen Rimington and they will share the coveted trophy. After the event everyone had a very pleasant meal at the Golf Club and a good morning was shared by all.

Current activity groups at Gainsborough and District u3a are: 10-Pin Bowling, Art, Art Appreciation, Buccaneers, Bridge, Canasta, Craft, Cycling, Gardening, Kurling, Lunch (Friday and Saturday, Reading, Scrabble, Singing, Snooker, and Walking (two groups).

For more information simply Google u3a Gainsborough to find their website and then use the ‘contact us’ page. For those without a computer ring Anthony Chapman on 01427 616801.