Gainsborough and District Macmillan Cancer Support

by | 5 May 2024 | Gainsborough, Local Charity

The Committee of Gainsborough and District Macmillan Cancer Support would like to extend their gratitude and thanks to everyone who has supported and donated over the last year. In 2023, donations totalled an amazing £26,044.50.

This money has come in from many different projects and supporters of Macmillan. People fundraised by having parties and choosing gifts for Macmillan rather than themselves. People have left money as direct legacies via their funeral directors when they have passed away, set up via and Cliff Bradley and Sons and JE Thurlby.

Money has been donated from coffee mornings – throughout the year, not just on the last Friday of September. People donate extra via Gift Aid and the committee has collected at supermarkets, street collections and have held garden parties and race nights.

All the money that is raised within Gainsborough and District Macmillan Cancer Support is spent locally to support people and families who are coping with cancer in their lives. It may be that they require some financial support to afford the fuel to get to daily or weekly hospital appointments at a distant hospital. Through Macmillan they can apply for the funding to be able to attend these appointments.

The next fundraising event is a Dance at Upton and Kexby Village Hall (DN21 5NF) on Saturday 8th June, 7.30pm to 10.30pm. The band playing is called Crossfire – a band who play all genres of music to liven any party, from 60s to present day.

The tickets are £10.00, and you are encouraged to Bring Your Own drinks / glasses and snacks. This makes the evening a good value night. There will be a raffle and a couple of games to liven the evening.

If you have any raffle prizes you would like to donate, or you would like to purchase tickets, please contact Helen Topp on 07906 465867, Rachael Pugsley on 07811 525574 or Sheila Worrell on 01427 788868.

Please support this worthy cause. Purchasing the tickets early helps the committee and the band know there are people out there who are going to turn up and have a fabulous time.