Friends of Gainsborough Old Hall

by | 1 September 2022 | Gainsborough, Heritage

Are you familiar with the term cameo jewellery? Even if you’re not, you’re bound to recognise this type of accessory due to its popularity that dates back centuries. From your grandmother’s jewellery box to your favourite antique shop’s window, cameo jewellery has captivated jewellers and buyers alike for many years. Contemporary artists continually push the boundaries of typical cameo conventions to help keep the craft alive.

Cameo jewellery can be traced as far back as the 3rd century BCE! These were used not only for jewellery, but also as signet rings. Cameos were very popular during the Roman era, resurfaced during the Renaissance and then was once again popular in the 19th century. Most ancient cameos came from Greece and Rome. Even now, Italy remains the hot spot for cameo engraving.

Today, modern designers have their own quirky takes on the cameo, utilizing humorous and unique concepts.
Find out all about cameos and their fascinating history in a talk by Vicky Woodward on Tuesday 6th September, 7.30pm at Gainsborough Old Hall. The talk is open to all for a charge of £4.00, including light refreshment.