Fashionistas invited

by | 1 September 2022 | Gainsborough, Social Group, WI

The Lea Women’s Institute is having an open evening to welcome fashionistas to learn about ‘The Art of Kimonos’. Japan is a fascinating country of rich culture and one of its most widely recognised icons is the clothing item which in translation means ‘thing to wear’. Presented by Jennifer Ichikawa, this talk will offer an insight into the delicate patterns, sumptuous colours and striking silhouettes.

Kickstart your kimono know-how!

  • Some kimonos are works of art and cost more than a family home. They are so treasured that people pass them down the family.
  • Wearing the appropriate garment for the right event is a way of conveying respect and gratitude. Mature and experienced geishas have shorter sashes, while apprentice geishas use longer sashes.
  • Kimonos should also always be worn with the left side over the right. Only a dead body dressed for burial should wear the right over left.
  • Men wear kimonos with a jacket and wide-legged pants called hakama.
  • Look for the hidden meaning. The peacock and wisteria flower stand for love, a fan for a wedding and the Paulownia flower for femineity.

Be there and be like a geisha! Thursday 1st September, 7.30pm, Lea Village Hall, DN21 5JA.