Children’s bereavement book features Thailand adventures

by | 14 July 2021 | Gainsborough, Notice

Hugo and Daddy’s Thailand Adventures is a sequel to the first book written by Misterton author, Ric Hart, Hugo and Daddy’s Night-time Adventures. In the new publication, Hugo wakes up one morning ready for a trip of a lifetime with Daddy.
Ric explains: “The creation of this book was so much fun, working with my illustrator Jackie Tee, it was an adventure in itself for us, but also a very emotional journey. So I can’t wait for Hugo to read it, and look forward to what will be going forward.
“This children’s adventure book came to mind simply because Jade (Mummy) and I got married in Thailand in April 2015, and travelled to many special places during our month away, and also hit some other very special islands in 2016 together. This was where Jade found her special place, Koh Lipe.
“The book shares the journey we both took where Daddy shows Hugo all these special places with lots of special meaning. So one day we can both go backpacking to Thailand and relive some amazing moments for Hugo to experience. Daddy just can’t wait for this trip with Hugo!”
Jade died in 2018 after the birth of Hugo. Ric Hart took to writing to help come to terms with his loss, and to give Hugo a lasting legacy of his mother.
Again, this book will be going to a charity called The Children’s Bereavement Centre, based in Newark, Nottinghamshire. The choice of charity ties in nicely with Hugo’s adventure book and his loss. It is available from Amazon and other leading booksellers.
This is Ric’s second children’s bereavement book; a third, Hugo and Daddy’s Superhero Adventures comes out August time alongside a Christmas book in the making. Ric has also written an autobiography, Pupy Love.