Castlewood Academy traffic zone

by | 5 September 2019 | Community Focus, Gainsborough

Parents of the Gainsborough Castlewood Academy located on the busy road the Avenue, are campaigning for a 20mph zone to help keep their children safe when dropping of and arriving at school. The school opened in September 2015 and grows in size each year. It is now being asked by Lincolnshire County Council to add a large extension to the school to take on even more children, a two class intake each year. With more children coming in parents say the parking, speeding, traffic situation has become more of an issue than ever before.

The school sits at the bottom of a hill, previously the Castle Hills secondary school site, and its entrance sits at the top of the Avenue. On one side of the entrance is the road leading to the belt road (60mph) which becomes 40mph on the Avenue and just before hitting the entrance of the school becomes 30mph.The parents of the school are asking for

  • 20mph zone in this area to get cars to slow down around the school in hours between 8.00am and 9.30am and in the afternoon from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.
  • A crossing and crossing assistant to help the children who live on the estate close by crossing the roads to get to school.
  • Proper signage to indicate there is a school in the area. At the moment there is insufficient signage to show the school is there until you are actually outside.

Parent Chris Bradley said: “We know this will not completely fix the problem as it will make parking in the leisure car park even more of a problem. This is currently where we have been asked to park but there is insufficient space for all the cars. We are asking our local Council for permission to help extend the car park onto the grass which is next to the leisure centre to help us have more parking for the people that cannot get to school on foot.

“Our excellent headteacher, Mr Brown who has been has been trying for two years to get something changed on the top road, is completely behind the campaign and is working alongside the parents, talking in a local meeting at school with MPs.”

If you feel you can help them please visit their Facebook page – Castle wood traffic zone group.