Canal Trust’s second walking festival takes in local villages

by | 14 August 2019 | Community Event, Gainsborough, Heritage, Walking

Misterton and West Stockwith, as well as other local villages, feature in this year’s walking festival, organised by the Chesterfield Canal Trust. The festival runs from Saturday 14th September to Sunday 22nd September and offers 53 different walks. The length of walks ranges from one or two miles to 16 miles — and there’s the chance to walk the whole length of the canal in three days. Special walks include mushroom and toadstool identification, an evening walk to see bats, a children’s walk — and much more.

Walks in and around Misterton and West Stockwith feature in no less than eight walks. Booking in advance is essential for all walks though no ticket is needed. All walks have a competent leader. Most walks are free but walk leaders will take a voluntary collection, which will help pay for publicity and booking charges; any extra money will go towards the Chesterfield Canal Trust’s Restoration Fund.

Brochures are available in The Misterton Centre or, for further information, go to