A closer look at Gainsborough Methodist Chapel

by | 8 April 2024 | Community facility, Gainsborough, Heritage

This month we are printing another photo by our reader, Tom Ellis, and this is his description:

“Gainsborough has a lot of history inside of it and the primary focus of this piece is the former chapel that can be found on the intersection of Mercer and Ropery Road. Its official title is The Gainsborough Centenary Primitive Methodist Chapel.

“I used a memory page on Facebook to gather some facts and one kind commenter posted a link to an online article that had some information on this building.

“It was built in 1910, when Asquith was the prime minister of Great Britain. It was around 10 years before Northern Ireland joined Great Britain to be formally known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

“In 1994 the building was rebuilt into the current structure that is seen in the present day. Five years later, in 1999 it ceased being a chapel and was turned into a private dwelling.

“The chapel was used for youth clubs, weddings and Sunday school to name a few. There was a tin roofed building behind it which was apparently, something you could hire to hold functions in.”