This girl… in lockdown

by | 14 May 2021 | Children's Group, Gainsborough

Hello! I’m Poppy, and I am a Young Leader with 1st Morton Guides. Guides are girls aged 10 to 14. About a week before the whole country went into lockdown in March 2020, Girlguiding UK announced we could no longer meet face-to-face.
Zoom! Our experimental meeting on Zoom was singing campfire songs – quite tricky with the time delay. The guides spent more times laughing at the time lag than actually singing.
When we first started Zoom calls it was quite different to our ‘normal’ as our activities are very active, planning a variety of activities and completing challenges. But, like everything else, we were now sat in front of a computer. We needed to think of new activities that would work on screen and had quizzes, we tried to teach the leaders Tiktok dances and a favourite activity became bingo. Another highlight was the snail race where I sat out in the rain filming snails while the Guides picked which snail would get over the line first to win.
Our leaders went the extra mile and cycled around to each Guides home to deliver a parcel of items needed for crafts so that no one would be left out.
The Guides told us how much they missed camping, so we held a camp over Zoom where the Guides all camped in their gardens, cooking food on campfires and even making s’mores (delicious toasted marshmallow squished between two chocolate digestives). Another activity highlight was making Christmas trees out of sticks and string showing that knots are still a key skill in Guides!
The Guides and leaders have learnt many skills, including adaptability, and resilience. We can’t wait to be back face-to-face soon! Come and join the fun for all girls aged five and over. For more information find us on Facebook – Girlguiding Gainsborough.