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by | 22 April 2022 | Community Focus, Hobbies, Worksop

Share a giggle, find inspiration in everyday stories and learn some new trivia with the latest book written by Worksop poet Kathryn Gosling.

Her second book ‘Here and Now’ is a collection of 79 pieces written while we were all living under challenging restrictions on our lives.

said: “I don’t think I will be heading off to Hollywood anytime soon but just the knowledge that there are people out there who can read one of my poems, have a giggle, smile or feel they have support is a lovely feeling!”
The humour poems take a lighter look at life telling of things we may remember from childhood, poems inspired by men, the children Kathryn taught in her career, funny things that she had heard or the current state of her hair! – whilst some were written just for fun!

The story section contains poems with surprising facts and trivia you may never have known, all written in poetic language and all rhyming!

Kathryn added: “In my last book there was a friends section in which bears did feature prominently – so not to disappoint my Arctophile friends and followers I have added a group of poems (12 to be exact) all about bears. My sister kept telling me to write a poem called ‘I Like Bears!’ But which one? There are eight species of bear – so one poem turned into eight, with the introduction on bears – nine. Then there is the story of the bear – 10. And of course bears who are not bears – 11 and then the danger bears are facing. There we have it – 12.”

‘Poems for thought’ are just that. This section contains an anthology of topics on which to ponder, something to think about be it an everyday occurrence we rarely give much thought to or a future event planned. Some words may even echo your own thoughts and feelings on a subject.

‘Poems for support’ hold messages of love, support and comfort for anyone who needs it. These poems remind you how wonderful you are or reassures you in a time of need that you are never on your own.

It’s Not A Game Of Jenga – Everything Has Its Place!

Yes my darling you inspired me
See what you’ve driven me to?
I know you LOVE my poems
And this one’s just for you!
A woman gives a home
To everything in the house
All things have their place to live
You’re stressing out your spouse!
Why do men challenge this?
The system doesn’t change
It’s been like this since we moved in
And doesn’t need to rearrange.
Putting away a plastic dish
That goes inside another?
Take them out, stack them up
(Or just balance on top – why bother?!)
Letters in the letter rack
And clothes they all hang up
The shopping list is always there
And the dishwasher wants that cup!
Kitchen containers neatly stacked
A hook for all the keys
The coat stand never moves
Hang your coat up …… please!
I know I’ve told you before
It’s not a game of snap
Everything has its place
I’ll draw you out a map!
They’re not building blocks
Nor the Barrel Of Monkeys game
Not the leaning tower of Pisa
Or the piece of art you claim
You’re not building a house of cards
Or playing Buckeroo
(to see how much you can stack
before this two legged ‘donkey’ kicks you!)
It’s not a game of Jenga
So why do we have to duel?
Everything has its place
A plain and simple rule!

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A Piece Of Rope, A Selection Of Poems For Every Day Life
New Generation Publishers, ISBN:9781800316744

Here And Now
Poems for Humour, Poems for Thought, Poems Telling Stories and Poems for Support
New Generation Publishers, ISBN:9781800311107