St Lawrence Church, Whitwell

by | 22 September 2018 | Notice, Worksop

Flower Festival
The Flower Festival to commemorate the end of WWI took place at St Lawrence Church Whitwell from the 12th to 15th July 2018. This was a fantastic community event with several groups and individuals from the village contributing, either by setting up their own display or sponsoring an arrangement.
The church looked and smelled fantastic and refreshments were served to the many visitors who passed through the church doors over the course of the four days. A huge thanks must go to all the team who made this event happen.

Patronage Scheme
Whitwell St Lawrence Church is offering everyone in Whitwell and beyond, the opportunity to help keep the church alive and open within the village, for the use and appreciation of everyone. Even if you don’t attend church hopefully you will agree that St Lawrence Church is an important (and beautiful!) landmark which has been, and will continue to be, there for you and your family for baptisms, weddings, funerals and other special occasions.
The church is asking for your financial help to support the practical, ongoing costs of running and maintaining the building to avoid it falling into disrepair. The church has stood on the site since the 12th century and has seen many generations of Whitwellians come and go. The Patronage Scheme will be a way for the present generation to maintain the church for future generations.

Why is St Lawrence Church launching this scheme now?
This church is an historic Grade 1 listed building which has all the characteristics of Norman architecture, plus a Saxon Font and is home to the tomb of Sir Roger Manners. Restoration costs by specialists are very high, as indeed are the day to day running costs for the church. Income received through regular giving and special services (weddings, funerals, baptisms) simply isn’t keeping pace with today’s increasing costs.
We are appealing to all who value our church and who want to keep it open to support the Patronage Scheme.

Who is the patronage scheme for?
Anybody and everybody who wishes to see St Lawrence Church here as a well maintained, warm and welcoming building, serving its village community for many generations to come, in whatever way is special to you.

What does being a Patron mean?
You choose your special date and offer to ‘buy’ that date. Your payment will cover the running costs for your special day. The current costs to run the church building is £30.00 per day. You may also wish to buy that date for future years to ensure it is remembered.

How can i be a patron for this day?
Simple! Just choose one day out of 365 when you wish to remember a loved one, a birthday, a wedding, baptism, a family occasion or other special event in your life.

For further details please email