The November meeting of the North Notts Association of National Trust Members at the Crossing on 17th November welcomed Chris Weir, who spoke on the subject of ‘Secrets, Mysteries and Curiosities of Nottinghamshire’. For instance, in Nottingham there was a statue above a doorway of a man holding an umbrella sculpted in stone for many years and then it disappeared, never to be seen again and with no explanation. Mystery not solved.

Skeletons found under Norton Cuckney Church and after various investigations deemed to be the skeletons of soldiers killed in a battle between King Edwin’s army and Penda, King of Mercia 14 centuries ago. This battle was thought to be the Battle of Hatfield, previously considered to be in the Doncaster Hatfield area. Where are the bodies now re-interred – not sure!

There were stories of the Cuckney School, previously a water driven mill where hundreds of people, many of them as young as seven were sent from all over the country to work in terrible conditions as apprentices. Many escaped, and a few found better employment elsewhere but many died.

And stories of the Major Oak and its hollow trunk, its acorns starting a mini Sherwood Forest elsewhere, the Greendale Oak and the cabinet made from it when it was hollowed out to enable a carriage to be driven through the middle and a great miscellany of other little anecdotes and tales which left the group wanting to know more.

The December speaker was Mick Whysall (apologies for incorrect name in last month’s edition) speaking on the subject of Victorian Music Hall.

On Wednesday 19th January the speaker will be Dr Martin Ellerby who was born and educated in Worksop. His musical talent was discovered early and he became the resident composer for the Cold Stream Guards for about 10 years. His compositions, orchestral, choral and brass are known throughout the world and he has become a prolific and successful composer of which Bassetlaw can be proud. This promises to be an interesting and entertaining evening.

All meetings are held at The Crossing, Newcastle Street, Worksop on the third Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm (apart from December). Doors open at 7.00pm. Drinks are presently not being served but they hope to re-instigate this in due course when they are able. Masks should be worn if legislation requires. Visitors and new members are always welcome and the fee for each meeting is £6.00. Membership is £30.00 single, or £55.00 joint and covers seven talks from October to April. They then have five visits from May to September which are priced separately.

Future meetings:
19th January: Dr Martin Ellerby – ‘My Life in Music’
16th February: James Pogson – ‘Fairtrade Tea’
16th March: Susan Deal – ‘The Portland-Druce Exhumation Case’

Further details of the Association can be found at or email