Local poet’s words of hope

by | 7 March 2021 | Community Focus, Worksop

Everyone has a bucket list, it may not be written down on paper but held in your head (although these are sometimes known as dreams!). A list of things you would like to do if you ever had the time, encouragement and support.
Over the years Worksop’s Kathryn Gosling has written poems for friends and family, some humorous whilst others tenderly touch on emotions, offering support and comfort at a time in their life when they may have had a mountain to climb. She found that when something happened or she felt a need to express her own feelings, words would flood into her head and they always seem to end up rhyming. Once written, the poems were then filed away in the back of a cupboard.
Over the last year, as a key worker, Kathryn needed a distraction during the weekends. So, she decided to try and sort through all the bits of paper which, as the weeks tolled by, she started to type up! Her sister and husband gave her the encouragement to take this further and when a publisher showed an interest in her work, she felt the support and drive to put a tick against one of the dreams on her bucket list! Her first book, A Piece of Rope, was published last year and her second book, Here and Now, will now be released at Easter.
Kathryn has been uplifted by the local support and encouragement she has received and hopes this is just the beginning of her chance to shine.

“A new person’s been discovered
One you’ve not heard of before
The author of ‘A Piece Of Rope’
Pick up my book and explore.
Some stories told in rhyme,
Some of life as it flows each day,
Some tenderly touch on emotions,
Sending love and support your way.
Can’t find the right words? Then look inside
There are poems for every occasion
Turn a page and wonder through
A poetic celebration.”

Extracts from Kathryn Gosling’s work

Love In A Difficult Time
With love you climbed each mountain
And made it to the top.
With love you tackled problems
That never seemed to stop.

With love you made the memories
You keep to this day.
With love you‘ll hold them close
As you continue on your way.

For continue you must
Each day is one that’s new
You are the rock that stands
And family look to you.

You must be strong, not bend
Under each heavy load you bear
Gain strength from all that love you hold
And remember –
you have friends who care.

Creams for Wrinkles

All birthdays are special
But milestones are few
They give us cause for celebrations
With drinks and parties too.
Now any age is worrying
Should you stop and think
Cards with ‘gentle’ reminders
Could drive some to drink.
Creams for wrinkles
Creams with collagen
Creams to make you young
The companies have you hooked
Once you have begun.
Of all the creams that you can buy
(And there are quite a few)
How many do exactly
What they say they’ll do?
The best medicine for your skin
To liven and refresh?
It’s not the products they tell us to buy
Try laughter and love to beautify!

Taken from
A Piece of Rope:
A Selection Of Poems
For Everyday Life
Published October 2020

New Generation Publishers

ISBN 978-1-80031-674-4
Available through most retail and online outlets
Also from ETSY shop www.bearsnbooks.etsy.com