Fast-growing online support group provides essential support to those in need in local community

by | 14 April 2020 | Notice, Worksop

An isolation support group for locals in the Creswell, Whitwell, Hodthorpe, Clowne and neighbouring areas has been set up as a community hub to provide aid to those who are in need and vulnerable. ‘Creswell, Whitwell, Hodthorpe, Clowne & Surrounding Isolation Support Group’ has proven to be a rapid success with the group accumulating over 1,800 Facebook group members in just over two weeks’ time. The space provides local members, businesses as well as those in need, a communal space to ask questions and provide care in these troubling times.

Businesses large and small have been contributing to the group’s efforts, providing essential food stock and supplies for the group’s volunteers to distribute to those in self-isolation or in need.  The Homefeilds Arms – a local pub owned by Admiral Taverns – has become the community’s first food bank.

The foodbank is the first of its kind for the area and has helped the group’s volunteers administer deliveries. Local shops in the area have also been become designated donation drop points for people to leave household goods and non-perishable food items.

The group was launched by Zara Skidmore and since it started five locals have also volunteered to help run operations, all of whom were strangers before the initiative started. The team runs the day-today operations which covers organising donations, collecting and distributing these to the local community and supporting on the phone and online.

Efforts thus far have been fantastic, but the group are looking to raise their profile’s awareness to make sure everyone who truly needs support is aware of their presence. April Johnson was quick to join Zara and has become the driving force of the group. She said: “The selflessness and support we have witnessed from the community so far has been outstanding. The group was started to give those affected by Covid-19 a comfortable place to seek guidance and assistance. We want to continue helping others and invite those living in the area to join us.”

If you would like more information and details on how you can help, please refer to the Facebook group ‘Creswell, Whitwell, Hodthorpe,Clowne & Surrounding Isolation Support Group’.