Retford Bowling Green

by | 17 March 2020 | Hobbies, Sports Club

Now that March is here we can really start to look forward to the spring. In little more than a month’s time, on 16th April, the green will be opening at Retford Bowling Green. During the winter plenty of preparatory work has been going on ready for the forthcoming season.

The green suffered badly in the long hot summer of 2018. Recovery has been gradual but this winter, mild and humid, has seen it flourish. The green keeper has done a grand job of winter care in order to have the green in top condition next month. Additionally the ageing irrigation system has been replaced with a more comprehensive set of sprinklers and new pipework more adequate to the task. All of the preparatory work was done by volunteer members, saving the club a lot of expense. But the final installation was carried out professionally. So now any summer droughts should have minimal impact on the playing surface.

Another important task which is carried out during the winter is preparing the programme for the new season. The Fixtures and Competition Secretary has to consider all of the various league commitments, then fit in the friendly matches and finally all of the many internal club competitions and events (both bowling and social). All of this needs to be ready by 25th March when the AGM takes place. This is where members can have their say on the running of the club, elect committee members and directors (the club is also a limited company). All club members, bowling and non-bowling, are encouraged to go and take part in the democratic process of club management.

Finally, a reminder to look for the club entry in the April edition of Retford Life for information about their Open Day and free coaching sessions for new and prospective bowlers. As always, for more information you can visit the club website,, email or call Geoff Evans, on 01777 948194.