Retford Bowling Green

by | 11 April 2021 | Hobbies, Sports Club

Over the years the number of bowling members at Retford Bowling Green has gradually diminished. This has been due to a number of factors including older members no longer able to bowl, members leaving the area and family or work commitments taking priority. Another factor has been insufficient recruitment of new members. Bowls has historically been perceived to be an older person’s sport — not so. Although many players are older, the club has members varying in age from 10 years upwards!

This year the club set about promoting itself in a more positive way with an organised publicity campaign and a series of events to attract new members. At this half-way point in the season it’s good to look back at what has been achieved. The Open Day and Charter Day were a great success but this was put into the shade by the response to the first Saturday morning coaching session where 20 people turned up — almost overwhelming the members there to help. A measure of the success is that one attendee had such a good time that he donated £10.00 to club funds! The final tally of new bowling members now stands at 26, many of which are joining in immediately with club competition days and friendly matches.

Whilst looking back, it’s also good to note the fact that the social side of the club is becoming more prominent. The winter social programme has been such a success that the Canasta group has now been extended into a weekly meeting throughout the playing season. Also a change in management of the bar has seen longer and more frequent opening hours and the introduction of new products on offer to the members. This has resulted in more members staying and socialising after bowls games — helping to reinforce the social side of the club.

For more information on the club visit their website, email or call Geoff Evans on 01777 948194.