Retford Men’s Probus Club

by | 20 January 2020 | Probus, Social Group

When Retford Men’s Probus Club met in November Liz Prime talked a load of rubbish as members listened intently. The load of rubbish being talked about was recycling in Bassetlaw, which the speaker addressed in full, from collection to disposal. Following the very interesting and informal talk, club secretary Rob lost no time in securing a visit to the recycling centre itself base near Clipstone.

On Friday 24th November a group of Probus members visited the ‘Materials Recycling Centre’. During the visit members were informed of what happens to the contents of their recycling bin once it leaves the kerbside. Most of the recyclable material is recovered and sorted by a series of machines using magnetism, electro air currents and a trumble. Several key points emerged:

  • How easy it is to contaminate the contents of a bin load by putting in the wrong items.
    That information on packaging may only be true up to a point. It may be recyclable but only if dealt with at a specialist plant. If in doubt leave it out.
  • If you are worried that items put in the general waste bin go to landfill, rest assured that the contents of the general waste bin are sent to an incinerator to provide fuel for the generation of electricity.
    One of the plant’s biggest problems is the number of plastic and ‘for life’ bags. These have to be removed by hand. They remove tons of bags per week.

Members felt the visit was very informative and worthwhile, giving them insight not only into what happens to the contents of our recycling bins but how to improve their own recycling efforts.
Retford Men’s Probus Club has been running since 1971. Their meetings take place at the Westhill Community Centre, Ordsall at 10.00am every other Friday. If you would like to go along to a meeting, please see, email or call the secretary on 07542 852037.