Retford Men’s Probus Club

by | 15 July 2019 | Probus, Social Group

The Probus Club in Retford has been in existence for a great many years and over the years a great deal of nostalgia has been created. Thanks to the efforts of the president and secretary supported by avid committee members, once again the years were rolled back when, on Friday 10th May, an extraordinary meeting was arranged for members.

The reason for the extra meeting soon became clear when it became known that a visit from 50s Rock’N’Roll star Vince Eager was imminent! A visit was previously planned from the singer but unfortunately had to be cancelled due to a hospital admission. The big day arrived and members turned out in force to welcome one of their heroes of the era, amidst the talk of blue suede shoes, drainpipe trousers and memories of old stomping grounds.

Vince Eager was a member of impresario Larry Parnes’ stable in the late 50s and early 60s among such famous names as Tommy Steele, Marty Wilde, Johnny Gentle, Duffy Power, Dickie Pride and Billy Fury to name but a few. He also appeared on TV shows, such as 6 5 Special, OH Boy! Drumbeat. On the death of the late great Eddie Cochran, Eager’s close friend, on Easter Sunday 1960, a falling out took place between Eager and his manager Parnes, as the promoter tried to commercialise events over Cochran’s tragic death. Vince Eager went on to play in the stage musical ‘Elvis’ after the split. It was Vince’s stage appearances that made him into a musical force to be reckoned with. Touring with Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Marty Wilde, Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Fury and many more top pop names gave Vince the opportunity to hone the stage skills which still serve him to this day. Another great speaker sourced and engaged by Retford Men’s Probus Club. The response was so good that the artist has been booked again to tell the membership more tales of the Vince Eager story. On completion of the saga, during a question and answer session, one club member exclaimed, “Thanks for the memories Vince”.

The programme of meetings, enables the members to get together fortnightly, on alternate Friday mornings. If you are 55 years old or so and wish to do more with your spare time, then get in touch with the club via or just turn up at a meeting. All new members are most welcome.