Inner Wheel Club of Retford

by | 25 September 2020 | Inner Wheel, Social Group

A Happy New Year to all who support and help the Inner Wheel Club of Retford. The club came together to celebrate a Christmas meal. Members had their usual meeting in brief, then played their Secret Santa game. This involved each person taking a small gift. These were then placed in identical small bags which were passed round during an unlikely story from left to right and each person ends up with a small gift to take home.

Inner Wheel involves hard work but it is also about sharing fun and friendship. A collection is taken up instead of giving each other Christmas cards. This money, about £140, is then used to buy gifts for the local Santa for A Senior Charity which distributes them to people who are on their own. The club also took part in the local Christmas Tree Festival at St Swithun’s and the Star Festival at Grove Street Methodist Church. Both events were impressive with so many imaginative displays. The club’s star display was in a window and showed charities they support. Members contributed stars for the display and baubles for their tree, which featured the club’s Baby Bundles this year, with some ladies knitting mini bundles out of squares.

They now have another purpose for the knitters to knit squares. These need to be closely knitted squares of about four inches. They can be white or coloured and are used to help the bonding of mothers and babies who are premature and in incubators. They can also be used with early born twins to help with separation anxiety… so if there are any knitters who want to help please get in touch with the club via their website and a pattern can be sent. The pattern is not compulsory because any square knitted or crocheted will do.

Members also took part in the Christmas Market with their stall of bling, which raised money for Water for Kids and other local charities. The ladies also filled decorated shoeboxes with Christmas items for the local women’s refuge and supported Bassetlaw Food Bank with donations of Christmas fare.