East Markham WI

by | 24 July 2020 | Social Group, WI

The April edition of Retford Life, told of the February visit of Paul Dyson, wildlife artist, adventurer and photographer, to East Markham WI. Sadly, this was the last meeting held before the WI, along with other groups and individuals, went into lockdown and the future programme was cancelled until further notice. However, a small group did manage to make the walk to Tuxford Windmill at the beginning of March, with the April one being cancelled.

This meant that the much-anticipated birthday dinner in March was called off and the annual meeting scheduled for April could not be held. Normally at the annual meeting, a new committee and officers are elected for the following year, but as this could not happen the existing committee has agreed to serve until this event can be held. However, two members have indicated their wish to stand down, so at least two new committee members will be required for when they meet again. Whether you are a long standing or a new member please consider joining the committee and help plan the future.

At the time of writing the easing of lockdown measures from 1st June has been announced and from then up to six people can meet, providing it is outdoors and social distancing is maintained. Sadly this does not help the restart of meetings, but committee members will get together in small groups to try to plan for the future. Is it ambitious to think that September could see the next meeting? Who knows? To make up for lost meetings, it may be possible to schedule extra ones, but this will depend on the hall being available and efforts will be made to rebook cancelled speakers or organise other events.

Efforts have been made to keep in touch through phone calls, cards and the Facebook page. Please continue to stay safe and make the most of the easing of lockdown and the beautiful weather (assuming it continues). Hopefully by the time you read this there will be more relaxing of the restrictions and an indication of when meetings can restart. Until then, take care.