What does the word holistic really mean?

by | 18 June 2022 | Community Focus, Health, Local Charity, Sherwood

It is a term which has become increasingly applied to all kinds of different situations but especially in response to managing stress in people’s lifestyles.

Essentially it is the concept of looking at everything as a connected whole instead of lots of unconnected parts. By working with the mind and body together it is possible to get to a point where life feels more manageable and less overwhelming. Wellness does not just come from the physical body, it also comes from the emotional and psychological aspects of the individual. Whilst traditional medicine did not address the whole in the past, concentrating instead on the medical aspects, there does seem to be a shift towards things changing to a more holistic approach.

You might feel that you are not balanced in your life – feeling run down, stressed, or overworked. A holistic approach would be to look at all the individual elements and decide that some need more time / energy to bring them back inline and help you feel better again.

In a society which has become more aware of stress, anxiety and mental health issues, an holistic approach is a way of addressing those issues. You could find relief in horticulture or maybe mindfulness and meditation; possibly arts and crafts would provide you with a greater sense of calm and relaxation, or maybe sound baths and relaxation events. It is important to create your own path – there are no rights or wrongs. Your journey is unique and it is ok if it does not look like anyone else’s!
When we are focused on one task it allows the brain to switch off; whether you are planting seedlings, at a yoga class, crocheting a blanket, meditating or at a sound bath you are allowing yourself to slow down and be ‘present’ in each activity. Activities, especially ones with repetitive actions, allow the mind to be in the current moment – not thinking of past of present.

At Outside the Cave in Edwinstowe they offer a whole range of activities, classes and workshops which can help you to find some balance and put perspective back in your life. You can find an holistic approach to suit you…

Sara delivers the mindfulness courses, holistic weight loss, yoga and mentoring programmes. Tracey is the horticulture expert, running a variety of workshops including wreath making, bouquets and hanging baskets as well as running sessions on the community allotment. Vic provides weekly crochet classes, all kinds of craft workshops, boxing and kettlebells as well as being their resident Youth Worker. Gemma runs the sound bath events as well as working with Sara on workshops and wellbeing weekend retreats in some lovely venues.

You can email them, send a message on Facebook or pop in to see them in person using the contacts below. They work with individuals and groups of all ages, and welcome people from all walks of life.

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