Tips to help you land a new job

by | 9 March 2018 | Citizens Advice, Sherwood

Citizens Advice Sherwood and Newark is sharing tips with people who want to change jobs, from how to find a role that’s a good fit, to the best way to tell your boss you are moving on.  National Citizens Advice helped with 2,300 problems around applying for jobs last year, with nearly half these issues (1,100) concerning references. Other problems workers sought help from Citizens Advice Sherwood and Newark on include when to disclose an illness to a potential employer, or how much notice they’re required to give their boss when nothing is specified in their contract.

Top tips for finding the right role and handing in your notice

  • Do your homework — Do a bit of digging on what the employer offers to see if matches your priorities.
  • Disclosing an illness or disability — You shouldn’t be asked about having an illness or disability during the application process, and you don’t need to disclose this unless you want to.
  • Make sure the job fits your circumstances
  • Get your references lined up
  • Handing in your resignation — You should only resign from your current job when you have a definite job offer, preferably in writing, rather than a conditional one.
  • Check your notice period — Normally you have to work the notice period that’s written in your contract. If you don’t have a contract or no notice period is specified, by law you only need to give one week’s notice.
  • Use up any holiday you’ve got left

Getting a bad reaction from your employer

Most employers will handle your resignation sensibly, but Citizens Advice has heard reports where rogue bosses sack someone soon after they resign. This is against the law.

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